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At the focal point of the iMac Pro is an Intel Xeon processor. In particular, the Xeon W, a workstation-class CPU focused at workstation-class programming that uses differing managing centers. The processors join Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX 512), Intel's lead set for 512-piece SIMD (single-course, unprecedented information) operations.

Apple offers four varying processor diagrams: 8-center, 10-center, 14-center, and 18-center. Apple considers the 10-center demonstrate the one that will interest most clients, hitting a sweet spot among cost and execution; it additionally offers the most amazing Turbo Boost rehash of the four models at 4.5GHz. The 14-center iMac Pro was not already declared as a segment of the lineup.

Driving the pixels to the iMac Pro's show are AMD Radeon Pro Vega plots. Base game-plans run with 8GB Radeon Pro Vega 56 outlines, with a choice to move to the 16GB Radeon Pro Vega 64.

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